Full Revenue Cycle Outsourcing

We see a 2-3% lift in net patient revenue for full revenue cycle outsource agreements in place with Ensemble Health Partners.

Our Solutions: Full Revenue Cycle Outsource

Is it time to reinvent your revenue cycle? Our team of experts at Ensemble Health Partners is here to help with our full outsourcing solutions that will improve your top-to-bottom line.

Are your margins down? Do your denials and underpayments keep rising? Is your cost-to-collect up? Are you ready to reduce your expenses, and improve audit compliance, staff productivity and net revenue?

At Ensemble, we can show you how to realize lasting improvements. Our experienced team of revenue cycle experts can help you increase revenue, maximize your reimbursements, recover underpayments and reduce denials.

Our Approach

In full partnership with you, Ensemble Health Partners would assume responsibility for your revenue cycle. Encompassing an end-to-end approach, we can immediately impact cash, improve charge capture and reduce first pass denials. These are not short-term, quick-fix solutions. Ensemble Health Partners hard-wires solutions for long-term sustainable improvement to the financial health of your hospital/health system.

We consider the following when working with you:

  • Approach to revenue cycle and the effect on the patient experience
  • Systems, people and processes – encompassing a complete approach to your health system and how it affects all departments and patient service delivery
  • Staff training and development
  • Cost reduction and value creation
  • Immediate priorities and interests of the hospital
  • Providing actionable insight into your revenue cycle and educating the entire leadership and clinical delivery team to achieve sustainable improvement system-wide

True and Proven Revenue Cycle Operations Experience and Expertise

  • We hire hospital operators. The Ensemble Health Partners team consists of revenue cycle leaders who have sat in your seat. Our team has had direct oversight of hospital revenue cycle operations including patient access, revenue recovery, HIM and other key components of the full revenue cycle process.
  • We engage for long-term success. We have been there and we understand that you are looking for solutions that are sustainable and not just a report with ideas and no ability to operationalize them.

Ready to Get Started? Here’s What to Expect

  • First, we’ll engage in a due diligence process that establishes a baseline and minimizes surprises
  • Together, we’ll establish key metrics for success, based on due diligence findings and hospital priorities and interests
  • Next, we’ll work on a smooth transition and communication plan for staff including human resources, benefits and employment transition, if needed
  • From there, we’ll develop detailed engagement and reporting for various levels of hospital leadership and performance standards metrics to ensure active monitoring of success factors throughout your revenue cycle transition