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Ensemble Health Partners Receives Recognition for Transforming Revenue Cycle at Adena Health System

Now more than ever, a healthy revenue cycle requires an innovative approach and impeccable coordination. At Ensemble, we’ve assembled a team of talented and passionate operators whose hands-on approach helps providers and health systems forge a healthier path forward.

In March, Ensemble was selected as the revenue cycle management solution for Adena Health System, responsible for end-to-end revenue cycle management services for the 3-hospital, $500M annual net revenue system. The partnership has already delivered results for Adena.

“The difference with Ensemble is we did not just hire a group of consultants,” says Jeff Graham, Adena CEO. “What we’ve done is contract with a company of operators. We are seeing good results already!”

At Ensemble Health Partners, we design revenue solutions customized to meet any need. We’ll work alongside your team to identify immediate wins and create sustainable solutions that ensure long-term results. Interested in learning more about Ensemble and our proven revenue cycle solutions? Contact Estelle Barnes, Senior Vice President, Client Engagement, at Estelle.Barnes@EnsembleHP.com or 704-533-2653.

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