Creating value for our clients by using our experience, hands-on approach, and alignment with what matters to our clients

From a provider's standpoint, it's an age-old challenge: working with vendors and consultants who have good intentions, but are focused on a singular task or function within the revenue cycle and don't always have the experience or alignment with the provider to ensure that the upstream root cause is identified and corrected along with understanding the impact on the entire revenue cycle. In many cases, vendors are incentivized to correct issues in retrospect, not to help identify and hardwire a solution that prevents further downstream issues.

After years of working on the hospital and physician operations side and seeing great opportunity within revenue cycle to align the efforts of vendors and consultants with the long terms success of the organization, we set out to create a better way. We built a team of experienced hospital and physician revenue cycle leaders who not only understand in detail each segment of the revenue cycle but who have also personally been on the frontlines in helping solve many of the challenges in revenue cycle. Our partners and consultants have the unique ability to build relationships and connections with our clients because their backgrounds are similar and their interests are aligned. We believe that our people are our greatest asset and therefore take great care in selecting our team members.

Experience and passion for what we do and our approach toward partnership is what sets us apart. Since we've been on the provider side, our ability to analyze, develop strategy and execute on that strategy from a real-world point of view drives sustainable, long-lasting results that we can all be proud of.