What would it take to get every claim routed and prioritized for the optimal outcome?

An IQ of 300. (Or Ensemble's collections workflow A.I., EIQ.)

In revenue cycle, an abundance of data doesn’t guarantee meaningful insight and results. But with the help of artificial intelligence and workflow automation, Ensemble IQ transforms your collection results by constantly prioritizing accounts, accelerating appeals and cleaning up accounts receivable. Using our predictive models, we deliver more cash faster – saving you resources and adding to your bottom line.

checkmark 60% Workflow Productivity Boost
checkmark 15% Cash Collection Improvement
checkmark 38% Post-Denial Payment Increase

Rather than alpha splits, or balance ranking, Ensemble IQ's algorithms determine which accounts will yield the most value from your staff's time and prioritizes worklists accordingly.


  • Rank order accounts based on account balance
  • AR clean-up done in Excel and outside workflow
  • Payor account status information obtained manually
  • Denials and appeals managed outside workflow and in spreadsheets
  • Simple rules engines govern follow-up

Ensemble IQ

  • Rank order accounts based on expected value
  • AR clean-up done in workflow
  • Payor account status information obtained automatically and integrated in workflow
  • Denials and appeals management in workflow
  • Sophisticated rules engine optimizes follow-up and integrates predictive models