Proven solutions

Unlike the traditional consulting or contingency model, we partner with your hospital to go beyond the operational task at hand, and we help our clients by ensuring the upstream processes are identified and that our clients' teams are trained on how to sustain the results. As a team of experienced hospital and physician practice operators, we've been in your shoes and know your struggles. We use a three-pronged approach that includes operational and process best practices, analytics and technology to craft a comprehensive solution. We'll focus on your hospital reaching its operational and financial goals so you can focus on your patients, families and community.

Collaborative Partnership

As experienced hospital operators, our consultants will become familiar with your current operations to provide tangible, action-oriented solutions and ensure results are realized. Everything we do, from our end-to-end revenue cycle assessments to conversion assistance, is all about partnership and long-term results. We work with clients to identify areas for improvement and help them hardwire the operational solutions needed to sustain success while at the same time providing tangible financial results for the project at hand.

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Revenue Cycle Support Services

We go beyond what you expect from business office outsourced services. Our model is unique—in addition to traditional transactional-based services such as complex claims resolution, AR management and denials management, we dive deeper to find the root cause of the denial or other issue, not just fix current transaction. Your long-term success is our goal.

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