Leah Curry 

Vice President, Human Resources

Leah Curry ClevingerLeah is responsible for the support of Ensemble Health Partners’ greatest resource, our Human Resources. At Ensemble Health Partners, we collectively share the call to draw the industry’s best talent to the organization, because we recognize that each team member is uniquely poised to identify great new associates within their network. Leah works with each potential candidate and new team member from the moment of offer, to ensure a seamless transition and full communication of company culture is provided to all. Leah operated as a Human Resources Manager for hospital facilities and a centralized hospital business office prior to joining Ensemble Health Partners. Coming from a background in accounting and business, she ultimately chose to concentrate her career within Human Resources, desiring to assist in creating synergy between the business functions and the people that comprise a company. Her specific blend of understanding business operations and how that relates to the talent within the organization pairs well with our operational results-focused company and our team-driven value chain.